PEZ on Earth – Rob Silverman

This is one of the Christmas cards we got this year and I wanted to share it with your for several reasons.  First, it’s surprising we get any Christmas cards, (I mean the real ones from real people) we have not sent out any in years.  Second, I think it’s a good card, […]

Look at these birds

I don’t concider myself a bird person but this may the most impressive collection of bird photographs I have seen, there are too many for me to post all the pictures. The blog where I found them was called Photo Tuts the article was called

Beauty Of Nature: 100 Brilliant Examples Of Bird Photography by […]

UN Climate Conference Bureaucrats sign petition to ban water

That’s right, the “UN climate brain trust” who have been attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Cancun Mexico for the last 2 weeks have signed a petition circulated by some college students working with CFACT (a free market environmental group) banning dihydrogen monoxide. Let me break that down for you – […]

The Texas City Dike

The Texas City Dike is a pretty amazing piece of real estate. A number of years ago, I was looking around Google maps and I saw this giant toothpick sticking out of the mainland into Galveston bay. It was long and skinny and man-made strait. What the heck was it? After zooming in I […]

There is something odd about this cover

It has been a while since my last post, I was looking for something interesting to write about and BAM! my eyes sent a little spike of energy to my brain.  I wanted to cringe, laugh and stair all at the same time.  Right away I knew some thing was wrong about this magazine cover […]