New hardware!

I love the smell of new hardware in the morning . . . and the afternoon . . . and the night. We’ll just say I love new hardware.

Our latest acquisition is a new notebook for Sarah for her academic pursuits in Collage Station.

It is a HP dv2000 with all the goodies. I […]

Something to think about

OK, so no one guess the name of that cartoon dog. It’s from Bugs Bunny, he is Marvin the Martians dog, K-9.

Now if you didn’t know it was related to Bugs Bunny or Marvin but you really wanted to know who he was, how would you have found out? Searched the internet for it? […]

Name that Toon

Look familiar? Do you know his name?


I just got this cool universal remote for my birthday. They are made by Logitech, this one is called the Harmony 360 because it not only controls TVs, stereos, DVDs etc, it also controls my Xbox 360.

You program it using the internet and PC so it can be constantly updated as new components […]

Who is this guy?

Does Wee Willie Webber mean anything to you? It might if you lived within 100 miles of the Susquehanna Valley in the early 70s. And if you knew Mr Webber then you would surely recognized this super hero and his alias.


On the road again

Katie and her bass (it’s not a fish Keith) travel to Texas Tech Univ. in Lubbock Tx. for a Jazz camp and Linda and I get to drive her.

For youse guys up in New Jersey, this little trek halfway across the state of Texas is like driving from Cape May to Newark and back […]

His name is – Joey

While enduring my 14th week of agony with Time Warner I got a call from “Joey”. A man, soon to become a legend. He spoke like a normal person (not the usual TW torture artists). He asked simple PERTINENT questions. Within 60 seconds we had a Mr. Spock mindmeld going. 13.6 seconds later we had […]

Summer Music

These guys arn’t “new” anymore but I still find them fun. I am speaking of Gnarls Barkly Their most popular song is Crazy. Here is a link to a 30 second sample on Amazon.

Click here

It may only be valid for a few days

Good summer fun music even down to the name – […]