How do you know of a USB cable or phone charger is any good?

What you need to know to get the best charge for your phone or tablet. Instructable and video […]

Drawdio = drawing + audio !

I have gained much useful knowledge from watching YouTube videos. Most of the time it’s from people just trying to help other people out like the guy that showed me (and a few thousand others) how to fix the broken latch on my refrigerator. Sometimes it’s from people who make their living from YouTube, much […]

Sometimes you get more than you deserve

tool chest to robot station – nerd cave upgrade […]

Printer Time

The good news is . . . I am getting a 3D printer. The bad news, well, I guess we will have to wait to find out but there is a distinct possibility that there isn’t any bad new. I can tell that some of you are incredulous but for 2 different reasons;

#1 – […]

Little Packages

Hello, my name is Bob and I am a little package addict.

It started in the mid 90s, I think it was around 1996. Amazon was new to the world, it was an oddity. Of course I checked it out but it didn’t do a lot for me at the time. If I wanted a […]

Check out my ‘ible

Build a Versatile USB Power Cable for Your Arduino Projects […]

The Joy of Tinkering

Without trying to sound too dramatic, I think this sort of experience can be life changing especially if it happens at an early age. The joy of discovery, the satisfaction of figuring things out and creating a “formula” for yourself to learn something new can be pretty powerful. […]

Alexa, Make Me a Samich

Sitting on the counter in the kitchen where the radio used to sit is our personal cloud servant in a can.  Her name is Alexa and she comes from Amazon and is otherwise known as Amazon Echo.  If you are not familiar with the product, it’s sort of like Siri in a stand alone bluetooth […]

HP CodeWars

Linda and I just attended the HP CodeWars event in Houston on March 7th. It was a truly impressive event. This program got started at the Compaq campus in Houston in 1998. It has grown to 8 HP sites around the world.

It is an open 1 day competition for high school students. They […]

A Third Hand

When working with small electronics like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors and robots there are usually more things to hold onto and manipulate than you have hands especially if you are trying to solder something.  There are a set of products generically called “Third Hands”.  They hold one or more parts so you can wrangle others.  […]