Windows 8 Review


I went to a preview of Windows 8 at HP. There were a bunch of HP notebooks and all-in-one (touch) desktops running Microsoft’s latest operating system. There were Microsoft minions talking about the new OS and it’s features. I also attended a presentation given by one of MS senior technical trainers.

Here is the […]

More wedding pictures

By popular demand I have included links to more wedding pictures online.

Bridesmaid Luncheon

Rehersal Dinner

Wedding and Reception

Koupit Priligy

Talk about your major event

We had one. Our oldest daughter Sarah, got married. She married her college sweetheart, Greg. I am happy/relieved to say we are 100% in favor of the union. You would think most parents would have reservations of one kind or another about their future in-law or at the very least about the combination of their […]

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Guess what?  Apple has launched a new version of it’s phone!  Oh, you already knew that?  Oh, you already have one?  Well, then I guess you know it has a different connector a digital connector

Levitra Ohne Rezept Kaufen

, ooooohhh, aaaaaaaahhhh.  Did you also know that the cables with that connector have […]