For Fathers Day, I got a knuckle sandwich

and I loved it!  I also got my CCA membership picked up for another year.  CCA is the Coastal Conservation Association.  They help manage the costal and fishing activities.  They are very active in the Gulf.  Fishing is a big area of interest for them and I enjoy their magazine and discounts.  That was Sarah’s […]

The season of moving

You may have noticed a recent lack of updates. Perhaps you thought, I forgot, or maybe didn’t have anything interesting to say. These things may be true but the real culprit is what I like to call, "a shift in the space/U-haul continuum".

If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, it is when […]

Are we there yet?

We have all been on family trips, some better than others. Most adults look back on their childhood trips with an odd combination of nostalgia, loathing and fondness. Most familys go through what I like to call the 5 stages of tripping.

Stage 1: Excitement – Let’s do it, it will be great!

Stage 2: […]