30 Days of Pork – a true story

Amanda Kelso is the daughter of a friend of mine at work. He told me about Amanda’s “project” some time ago and thought it remarkable. I happened to stumble upon it again while researching alternative medicines made from pork.Here is Amanda’s story in a nutshell – In 2006 she was a 34 yr old ad […]

High Voltage Photography

I recently read about this guy Robert Buelteman and is unique photos in my Wired magazine. At first glance I thought the pictures we good but as I read the article and looked at them again they seemed even more impressive.

“Buelteman’s technique is an elaborate extension of Kirlian photography (a high-voltage photogram process popular […]

Cards of the future


Time for a little technology update.  Here is an application/technology that uses a web cam.  The application “recognizes” a card, like a business card then uses what it knows about the card like size position recognizable patterns to project an image on the card.  It’s not really on the card, but when you watch […]