Let me introduce you to Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti was born in Brazil and started carving soap and bark when he was a child. Now he lives in Connecticut and he carves pencils . . . with a needle and a razor blade. He doesn’t use any magnification and some of his works take years to complete. Kinda beats the hell that […]

WD-40 Doh!

UPDATE: I’ve been snookered

The information below is Internet/urban legend. If ever in doubt (and you don’t have Thom to keep you honest) check out for the REAL story. Some of it is true, and some of it is . . . crap you read on the internet.

I have seen this post around […]

From boring to whimsical

It takes a certain kind of talent to take something boring and mundane and make it interesting and whimsical.  Anyone can make a cool dragon, but to make a cool trivet or key holder that takes some imagination.  I stumbled across this design company and was so impressed with their work I had to share […]

Something fishy going on with new gadget

I am so happy.  Today I got my Humminbird 788ci.  With this marvel of modern technology, I will be able to tell if I will be able to stand if I fall out of the boat (depth finder) and tell where the bottom of the bay is (down) and know if there is something […]

Woof Factor Five

You never know what will happen when you go fishing