Butch Walker

I have not been paying much attention to music lately.  A few nights ago I was flipping through the channels before I went to bet and Letterman said the band Butch Walker and the Black Widows would be on next.  I had never hard of them so i persevered through the 12 inane sales pitches […]

Stove – there’s an app for that


This is what you get when you mix an Android phone with a stove and add 10 years. It’s a very cool concept. Most industries (with the exception of car companies) don’t go to the trouble and expense of producing concepts to show the general public. Electrolux is showing some leadership putting things like […]

Oh, you’re hurt, what happened?

This is for real, i think they sold them at Urban Outfitters along with several other “themes”


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Imperial Walker

While we are on a Star Wars theme.  This is the walker I want for my post golden years