How to do a Tequila shot in Sweden

Tequila shots are a mainstay down here in Texas so close to where the Agave grows, but Sweden is a long way away and something gets lost in the translation. I hope no one shows them the flaming Dr Pepper.


Fried Beer

Yes, that’s what I said – fried beer. You have (almost) seen all the things that they fry at state fairs, Twinkies, Oreos, candy bars, the list goes on and on. Every year it gets harder to grab the fried headlines. Indiana has been the epicenter of the “fry the most outrageous thing you […]

They only like me for my Mums

Giant Texas Homecoming Mums […]

10th Avenue Freeze Out

Linda and I are going to another concert. We will be hanging out with The Whigs, The Black Keys and the Kings of Leon when they play in the outdoor venue The Cynthia Woods Pavilion in the Woodlands later this month. I like all 3 of these bands and have provided a sample below for […]

Cheese Dip – The National Food of Arkansas

Where to start? OK, I have this fantasy of traveling from here to there with the sole purpose of eating and acquiring food. Where is “there” you ask? I haven’t decided yet but I suspect it is northeast of Texas. I will stop at Sonnys, I will buy King Syrup and will eventually acquire several […]