How to make your mother cry

This looks like a pretty innocuous shot right? How could this make a mother cry? . Well . . . . . every since the kids started going to school, on the first day of school we would take their picture. They would be all dressed up in their age appropriate garb. We would […]

The Incredible Tree-Climbing Goats of Morocco

And now a word from the WebEcoist

So many times I try to tell people something interesting and they just don’t believe me, well this time I have pictures. There is no way someone can doubt me now.

There is even a video for all you naaaay sayers


How much do you want to know?

First there were smoke signals, then there were letters, followed by email, IM’s, then blogs now . . . . tweets. That’s right – tweets.

There is a new time waster on the net and it’s name is Twitter. This is a “service” where you, to quote this site ” Twitter is a service […]