Sarah’s Birthday party

To celebrate Sarah’s milestone birthday, her and her friends went to Magic Island. This is a night spot downtown that has a magic theme. It’s like a magic dinner theater. They also have small rooms where they do close up magic and fortune telling. They met at our house and car pooled down to […]

Unrelated, but equally (if not more) important

As the first child of the Texas Christys, I thought I, Sarahcakes, should post a small bulletin to announce the big news that…(drumroll please)I will be 18 this Wed.The big 1-8.Its about time.Oh, and tax season is over, so our mom can like breathe and stuff now.All the more time for her to nag me […]

Last Part

It’s Wednesday and we have already had an action packed week but we are going for one more fling – snowboarding. We leave earlier than usual, we want to make sure we get a spot this time. The trip us is uneventful. We make a beeline for the rental line. Today there are only 10 […]

Part 10

When we were in Winter Park the last time, Katie was about 6 which would make Sarah 8. The kids were good skiers able to navigate the intermediate runs and were ready for another challenge. We had heard about a place down the road where you could go tubing down a hill. They even had […]

Part 9

Katie and I quickly decide our next move – hot tub. We needed it both physically and mentally. The stress was melting away. It actually started to subside on the ride home with Ed – you remember Ed. After becoming suitably pliable, we slunk back to the room and got dressed for dinner. Delicious as […]

Part 8

I had decided to go with Marvs. The Ford guy said they were a good outfit and they have done quite a bit of business with them. Also when I had asked Ray if Katie and I could get a ride into town in the tow truck, he didn’t sound too sure but said “I […]

Our travels part 7

So now what? The car is deader than a doornail. It isn’t going to start and even if it did, there is no way I am going to attempt to drive it again. We need a tow truck. Cell phones out! Nada. We try Katie’s (she has a different carrier), no luck. We now have […]

Technical difficulties

The reason you have not seen any updates is because my internet service has been disrupted. I had 2 entries lost because of connectivity problems. Hopfully this will be posted before I am dropped.

Our travels part 6

I pump the breaks to make sure we are not sliding. The speedometer (the last electronic thing inside the car to work) drops to 0 but we are not stopped. This is a narrow 2 lane road with the mountain to our right starting about 8 inches for the white line at the edge of […]

Our travels part 5

We climb back into our car and prepare for the long twisty ride back. Not so fast. We have the same problem we did earlier in the morning. The car will start but then it dies After 5 min or so of trying to keep it running matters get worse. It won’t even start now, […]