The most intersting man in Middle Earth

I couldn’t resist

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Wolfenstein 3D

20 years ago.  I was too old to play video games, but I did.  I liked everything about the PC.  It was my job, my hobby and my entertainment.  I had already been building, using and playing with computers for 10 years.  Yet, there was something special that happened in 1992.  It had a […]

Some people find a way

Hi name is Huang Guofu. He lost his arms in an accident when he was 4 years old. At 12 he taught himself to paint with his feet. At 18 he left school to create and sell paintings on the street to pay for his sick father’s treatments. He taught himself to paint with his […]

Worm Blower

Flat worms got you down?  Nightcrawlers lost their plump?  Your fishing buddies need a shot in the butt!  That’s right, instantly give your Aporrectodea some extra body and buoyancy.  Just remove the little red cap, insert the needle in the end of your tubular friend and squeeze!  Now he looks happier, more juicy, it […]