Emergency Underpants

In our family, we have “emergency dollars”. These are a few dollars stuffed into things like the console of your car, the little pouch on the back of our bikes, things like that. They are for when you get caught without your wallet or need some small bills for a drink machine. This strategy has […]

Balloon Art

You have seen those guys that can make a poodle or a headband with a feather out of balloons right? What do you think would happen if one of those guys was bitten by a radio active spider or abducted by aliens? Well, Larry Moss might happen. Larry is all about the balloons, he […]

The Fishers of Trout

You know what else we learned about having a boat? Sometimes it better to go out on someone else’s! This past weekend Katie, Greg and I went with Captain Rocky in search of the coveted saltwater Speckled Trout or Sea Trout.

We were up at dark-thirty and met our captain at the Texas City Dike. […]

1 year of boat ownership – what have we learned?

A year ago Linda and I decided to invest spend a chunk of our disposable income on a boat. We had been making regular trips to Galveston to fish off the rocks, jetties and piers. The fishing was good and bad randomly, the time spent at the waters edge was always good (at least for […]