Everyone Moves Up a Level

We have a brand new person who joined us this week. His name is John. He is the son of Greg from House Carter and Sarah of Gryffindor. He is one of us. Even though a baby is born somewhere in the world every second. It’s a really big deal when it’s yours. I […]

Where it all started . . .

Linda and I went to Jacksonville this weekend for our niece’s baby shower. While we were there we decided to visit Jacksonville University where we met 87 years ago. The surrounding area changed a lot but the campus was still as beautiful as it was back in the day

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Wait, is that a . . . .

Launching your kayak from the beach to go fishing (often referred to as BTB or beyond the breakers) is not a simple task. Everyone thinks about the waves trying to flip you over

, all that equipment sticking out weighing you down and threatening to become a […]

Look at my Lizard Fish!

You’ve heard that thing about beauty being in the eye of the beholder? Turns out that theory works in a lot of different situations.

Perhaps I can use fishing to build an analogy. I go out on my kayak trying to catch a big snook or maybe a redfish

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Drawdio = drawing + audio !

I have gained much useful knowledge from watching YouTube videos. Most of the time it’s from people just trying to help other people out like the guy that showed me (and a few thousand others) how to fix the broken latch on my refrigerator. Sometimes it’s from people who make their living from YouTube, much […]

Happy Music

Recently our family tried a little happy exercise together. Fear not, there was no profuse sweating or smelly closes involved. We each pondered the question “what are the songs that make us happy”. For time and sanitity’s sake we limited the choices, top 3-5 songs. It was also suggested that we accompany the choice with […]

Sometimes you get more than you deserve

tool chest to robot station – nerd cave upgrade […]

We were hacked

Sorry friends and strangers, for a while this site was taken over by under morraled

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paypal prepaid debit

, underdeveloped, underground types for undesirable activities. But as in all good stories the forces of goodness and tech support have prevailed. Sorry if your sensibilities […]

Printer Time

The good news is . . . I am getting a 3D printer. The bad news, well, I guess we will have to wait to find out but there is a distinct possibility that there isn’t any bad new. I can tell that some of you are incredulous but for 2 different reasons;

#1 – […]

Mawage – a Dweem wifin a Dweem

Katie and Sam’s Dallas Wedding at the Texas Ale Project […]