Marsh Redfish

It was about 46 degrees and really windy today, I had been out for a couple of hours with nothing to show for it except some wind burn. Then I found this guy, he made my day. After this one a few more found their way to my hook. Among fishermen this is what’s known […]

Cooking War

I saw this on Woot Shirt, they sell an apron version, pretty clever don’t you think??

Kup ViagrÄ™ bez recepty

Fix your Wilderness Systems AirPro Seat

If you have bought a wilderness Systems kayak in the last few years there is a good chance it has an AirPro seat in it.  An AirPro Freedom Elite seat to be exact.  They come in both a low and high model.  I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was when I got my Ride […]