One last thing . . .

As you may already know, I am a big believer in location based information. For example it’s one thing to tell you we bought some sourdough at Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s another to show you where at Fisherman’s Wharf is down to the building the store was in. Too much information? Maybe, but I find it […]

Vacation – the rest of the story

Since I got such an overwhelming response to continue (thanks Patty) I will finish the vacation narrative with highlights from the rest of the trip.

From San Francisco we went to Sonoma and I tell you, we were glad we were not headed on the opposite direction. It was Sunday and there was almost a […]

Summer Vacation part 6

While hurdling down the two lane car path I see my family pulled over behind a parked car. They were hoping I would show up. They wave me through knowing a stop and start could cause my temperamental chain to go AWOL. Also we are entering the town of Saucalito and no one knows where […]

Summer Vacation part 5

The traffic was bumper to bumper. Plenty of people were able to look into our eyes and were glad they could afford a car. But we made it! Sure it was uphill as we crossed but we had beaten the incline, the 1/2 mile vertical snake, “going to Europe with Ralf and Earl in a […]