Indulge Dallas Indulge


Perhaps you don’t live in Houston but are still lucky enough to live in Texas.  There is a good chance you live around Dallas.  And if you live around Dallas you need to check out this blog – Dallas Indulge.  Beer and food head the list of articles but there is also information on […]

Bacon in a Can

This past weekend I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The whole house smelled like bacon for 2 days. I obviously was oblivious to the canned alternative. While reading one of my kayaking sites I cam across someone’s mention of canned bacon. It’s a small world isn’t it? Apparently it has been off the market […]

Grocery shopping in South Korea

How cool is this? You are waiting for your morning train (subway) to get to work when you remember you finished all the milk with your cereal this morning. What are you going to do about it now? Well, if you live in South Korea you might just walk over to a seriers of giant […]

RIP Good Eats

Like they say, all good things must come to an end. Apparently that includes “Good Eats”. Yes the food show on the Food Network after 12 years and 249 episodes is hanging up it’s tongs. This was my favorite cooking show by far.

Alton Brown was (is) my kinda guy. He was equal parts, Bill […]

The Secret of the Mysterious Bread Tags Revealed!

Today I will reveal to you the secret and ancient key to fresh bread. You know when you are standing in the bread isle squeezing all those loves of bread? You want only the softest, squishiest Wonder-bread for your PB&J. Or perhaps you are seeking whole grain nirvana for your toast. What you are really […]

Keyboard S’mores

As many of you know, food ant technology are two of our favorite things in the Christy household.

So when I saw this picture I just had to share. I am fairly confident that the site of culinary treat will force at least 2 of our clan to execute the stove-top s’more […]

Finger Lime anyone?

Check out this odd fruit. it’s called a Finger Lime. It’s a citrus fruit and it is filled with little balls of juice, kind of like a Pomegranate, The juice is supposed to taste strong and like lemon-lime. They come from Australia, grow to 3-4 inches long and 1-2 inches wide. They come in different […]

Is that what I ordered?

Every marketer wants to show their product in the best light. In Japan they often have plastic models of the food they serve in a restaurant. When you walk by you can see what the offer

without picking up a menu. And for the most part, except for a little plastic sheen, the food […]


Taking one thing and making it into another. Here are some of the more creative examples, most are fairly obvious but the back ones were once vinyl record albums in their first life. Creativity is a good thing. This collection almost sums up our family – food – music – clocks and purses


Fried Beer

Yes, that’s what I said – fried beer. You have (almost) seen all the things that they fry at state fairs, Twinkies, Oreos, candy bars, the list goes on and on. Every year it gets harder to grab the fried headlines. Indiana has been the epicenter of the “fry the most outrageous thing you […]