More Refrigerator News

The good news: we got a new refrigerator and it looks great in our kitchen. The bad news: our double oven died in the same surge that killed our refrigerator. The good news: when we get a new oven it will match our shinny stainless steal fridge. The bad news: it will cost MORE than […]

Now we cool

I am writing this from my usual computer desk in my living room. We have exited the powerless zone. One day after the stunning omission of repair work to our little transformer we have been made whole. CalientePhobia is on the retreat.

Unfortunately all is not perfect in suburbia. As we began to power […]

Journeying through both space and time

Meet Bob and Linda; typical suburbanites trying to navigate the challenges of two kids in college, an ever expanding waistline and a dog with a taste for balcony. We find them pedaling back from a pizza buffet dinner, the first meal in 4 days that wasn’t some forgotten frozen meat cooked on a grill or […]

Working our way back

Today (Tuesday) Linda and I went back to work since Thursday. We still don’t have any power and we are out of ice. We cleaned up the house/yard/pool as best we could. Having water is great. We checked on friends around the neighborhood and all were doing well considering the circumstances. Here is a […]

Still here

We are all OK and our house did not sustain any significant damage. We may have some roof damage but no leaks as far as we know. We have lost power (and Internet) for miles around but we are not alone over 2 million people are right there with us. Our neighborhood had some […]

Ready to take a Ike

As those with electricity know, there is a hurricane aiming at Houston. This time it looks like it’s not going to change it’s mind at the last minute. Most people have been getting ready to deal with it for days now. HP had closed their offices today and most of the businesses have […]