Our travels part 3

It snowed all night. Our room has a view of the mountains, it was beautiful. Katie was very excited, it has been a while since she had been skiing. This year she was going to try snowboarding. I had been considering joining her, but I had some serious reservations. Someone of my years and girth […]

Our travels part 2

Sarah and I had made the same trip last spring break while Katie and Linda went to Carnegie Hall in NY. Skiing is always a popular choice of winter vacations in the Christy house. We picked this combination of Boulder Co and Eldora ski mountain for several reasons. Eldora is a […]

Our travels part 1

Katie and I got up early on Sat. Morning so we could leave before the sunrise (she likes that). We didn’t get far before we stopped for breakfast at our favorite on-the-road-breakfast-stop, waffle House. After stocking up on carbs and sugar we continued our trek north.

Another favorite traveling tradition is to listen to a […]

Spring Break

Next week is Spring Break for our school. Guess where Katie and I are going? That’s right, skiing!

We are going Colorado, staying in Boulder and skiing at Eldora mountain. Sarah and I went there last year and had a great time. That was when Linda and Katie went to Carnegie Hall.

We are heading […]