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Build a Versatile USB Power Cable for Your Arduino Projects […]

Happy Texas

It will come as little surprise to my fellow Texans that we are in the top group of people with general good well being.  We are happier

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, healthier and more comfortable than most.  You can draw your own conclusions as to why this is the case.

This was a […]

Hyper-Realistic Drawings

There is only one plastic cup in this photograph.  The other was drawn on the piece of wood by Ivan Hoo.  He doesn’t use paint

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, just pencils, ink and pastels.  Very impressive.  Want to see more?  Here is a link


They call her BristleBot

3 parts and some tape

Our first Robotics Club meeting was just to get organized, talk about what we would be doing and to see what the kids already new about robots. They were shy for about 12 seconds then the damn broke and we were off an running. They were extremely interested […]


While working on my robotics project I ran into this. It’s called a Strnadbeest. A Strandbeest or “beach beast” is the work of Dutch artist/engineer Theo

Jansen. They are built out of PVC pipe and are powered by the wind. Sometimes they collect wind energy and store it in 2 liter soda bottles that are […]

Kickstarter Project evolution

I talked about Kickstarter and crowd sourcing a couple of years ago on this site, the idea of a group of people contributing to an effort just for the satisfaction. Kickstarter is a web site that has taken it a step farther. Kickstarted got started to fund artistic projects like plays and art exhibitions but […]

And now for a little electronic music kamagra pills

Fix your Wilderness Systems AirPro Seat

If you have bought a wilderness Systems kayak in the last few years there is a good chance it has an AirPro seat in it.  An AirPro Freedom Elite seat to be exact.  They come in both a low and high model.  I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was when I got my Ride […]

Baby Girls Names by State

I thought this was interesting, I was surprised how homogenous the names were across states.  If you see a woman between 43 and 57 and don’t remember her name just call her Jennifer.


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Cloud Streets

I saw something really wild while I was out fishing the other day.  It was early mooring and pretty calm and clear.  A dolphin was following me around like a stray puppy (but that is another story).  I noticed a big cloud bank heading my way, like when a storm rolls in.  It […]