Bacon in a Can

This past weekend I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The whole house smelled like bacon for 2 days. I obviously was oblivious to the canned alternative. While reading one of my kayaking sites I cam across someone’s mention of canned bacon. It’s a small world isn’t it? Apparently it has been off the market […]

Winter Redfish Hunt in Galveston Bay

After deftly navigating her kayak using the one handed paddle method she raises her pray to the surface, their eyes meet

, the fish says “hi there”

The trophy is hoisted, the redfish concedes defeat but takes solace in the fact while one hand is raised in victory, the other […]

Let me tell you about small speakers

I love audio electronics and speakers are near the top of that list. I spent all of the very first money I earned to buy audio equipment. I had that equipment for over 20 years. I buy pretty good stuff, never the top of the line but it always sounds good. Of course you […]

Moonrise Kingdom, a Love Story


I don’t do many movie reviews.  I really like movies but I don’t like the “going to the movies experience” so by the time I see them almost everything has been said about them good or bad.  But if a movie isn’t a blockbuster and I REALLY like it and I am in need […]