The Blue Beast


Today we added about 6000lbs to our family.  No, we did not all spend the day at Golden Coral.  Linda finally got a new SUV.  She has been driving a 1998 Ford Expedition for quite a while, it has been a trusty steed taking us all over the US in reliable comfort (except for […]

Merry Christmas


Often said, often meant.  This time, truly meant.  For some reason, this  Christmas is a little extra joyful.  I don’t know why and I am not going to question it.  We have everything we need and almost everything we want (I believe that “almost” is one of the keys to being happy).  Our kids […]

My new infatuation


The gaming bug has bit me hard this fall.  First there was Left 4 Dead 2, and The World of Goo, then COD Modern Warfare 2 and now Borderlands.  All those games have the ability to create time travel – you know,  you sit down and pop open a game for a little R&R […]

Yes Virginia, it does snow in Houston


Our poor weathermen had to go the whole hurricane season without one real threat.  That must be as painful as a gossip magazine going a whole month without a dying celebrity.  Global warming failed to produce even an average storm season this year.

BUT!  Finally! The spotlight deprived atmospheric prognosticators got to take […]

The Dog ate my Posts


The Internet crashed

I was walking home from a friends house where we had been working all night on some unbelievable blog entries, and these two guys, maybe there were three, jumped me and stole my posts!

I posted them, it’s not my fault you didn’t see them.

I was about to post […]