Album Covers

But a big part of the “album experience” was the art. Sometimes the word “art” was used very loosely. Sometimes the images burned themselves into your brain like a familiar smell or sound. Sometimes they made your eyes water. For many albums, I only remember their covers, I couldn’t name a single song on the record but the image stuck. For others, I enjoyed the music so much the positive feelings were transferred to the images associated with that song/album […]

Lost Secrets Revealed

Well the writers knew for a long time when the end would come, so they were able to neatly set everything up for the big reveal at the end. The numbers, what the island really was, the others and why they stole kids, the flash sideways and what it really meant? Was it a game, a struggle between good and evil, why was one brother not given a name? These things were carefully crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat and tuning in next week for another clue. But last night – finally – all of it was tied up in one neat little package UPDATE: Lost explained by cats Still unaswered questions […]

One more college graduate to sally forth

Presenting . . . . Miss Sarah Hope Christy!

This past weekend our oldest graduated from Texas A&M with her bachelors degree in Accounting.  We are very proud of her.  She was one of 6500 Aggies receiving a degree this spring.  Next step, University of Houston graduate program and the CPA exam.  When that […]

I am going to show you something

If you have never lost your laptop power cord down behind your desk, or if your iPod cable has never disapeared into the twilight zone, or your USB cable has never done a mating dance with your phone charging cable then this post is not for you. Nothing to see here. I am surprised to […]

How do we do it?

Hello Friends,

clear the air between you

As many of you know, Linda and I have been married for close to 87 years. Often people will ask us what our secret is to staying together and lack of restraining orders. Well, it’s mostly the usual cliches of love, trust and a withering […]


Do you know one? Do you know what one is? Is it someone who can’t stop playing those addictive flash games some web site have (you know the ones that infect your computer at every turn)? Is it someone who walks around in a trench coat and opens it uncontrollably? No, it is none of […]