It happens to all of us

That’s right, I am talking about birthdays. I think you can tell a lot about what phase of life someone is in based on their birthday celebration. When the kids are little they have nary a clue of what’s going on, then it’s all about the presents, then somewhere around when they hit double digit […]

Politics – Religion – Rock

What do these things have to do with each other? I will tell you. You don’t bring them up unless you are ready to go deep. People don’t take these things lightly. Case in point;

A few weeks ago I wanted to make a new CD to play in my car. I have a great […]

Houston we have Graduation

Well today , less than a month after Katie turned 18 she graduated from High School. She wore the green shinny lab coat with the square hat, marched across the stage and picked up her empty portfolio. It was all captured for posterity.

The atmosphere in the University of Houston basketball arena […]