I love to be amazed by other people’s creativity. These artists, Tim Nobel and Sue Webster, do some really creative stuff, and one of their mediums is . . . trash


A Tribute to John Williams

Katie showed me this on YouTube and it thought it worth sharing. This guy borrowed the song from another group and used his own face to play each part. The real group that wrote and performed the song is Moosebutter. Surfing – you just never know what you might find. It’s probably worth the 4:10 […]

70s at there best

The list are in. We had our groovy gathering last night and submitted our lists for scrutiny and admiration. Here are some of the highlights; Songs that epitomize the 70s:

Knock 3 times – Tony Orlando and Dawn – Stuart and Janice Stayin Alive – Bee Gees – Thom I will Survive – […]