and so it begins

You must have had your fingers crossed. As it worked out Sarah was asked to join the sorority at the top of her list – ZTA. She was fortunate to be invited back to all (but one) of the houses that she was interested in. She is really really excited.

When Sarah was little, her […]

Howdy Week

Although we moved Sarah in on Sunday, classes don’t start for another week. What’s a freshman to do? The week before classes start is called Howdy week. At A&M; when you walk past someone it’s customary to say “howdy” instead of “hello” or “hi”. In fact those that join the Corps have to say howdy […]

College Move-in

This past Sunday we moved Sarah into her dorm room at Texas A&M.; We left the house before the crack of dawn, Sarah, her boyfriend Drew, her mom and me. 1 hour and 45 minutes later we were standing in line to get our key. I parked the big rig in a nearby garage.

Small […]

First Day of School

Today Katie went back to school now a Junior in High School. She was up an gone by herself by 6:40. We have a somewhat odd tradition, we take the kids pictures before the first day of school standing in front of the TV. I think the first time we did it, it was […]

Summer fun

OK Frannie, in the interest of keeping things moving and keeping you interested, I share with you one of our summer fun staples – Outdoor Movies.

Tonight (as I write this) Katie and friends are watching V for Vendetta out in our driveway.

We set up sheets or drapes or shower curtain liners (they work […]