OK, we have all melted away a few hours sitting at our computer doing something like this. You look up and you realized you have wasted a couple of hours looking at pictures of potatoes shaped like William Shattner. What? Don’t tell me you haven’t. Well I have been sucked into a game that just […]

What if Movie Posters told the truth?

While doing research for my PhD I came across this and thought I would share it. Don’t think of this as spoiling a movie but as giving you back 91 minutes of your life. Here is a link to more “real” movie posters. When i scrolled down to The Happening I made an […]

Strike the pose !

We have been wanting to get a “real family picture done for YEARS. But for whatever reason we could never quite pull it together.

but this year for Linda’s birthday, we were able to align the stars and all show up at the same time and place to get a few pictures taken.

They were […]

Do you dream of flying?

These guys are either fulfilling the dream or your nightmare – you decide


Apricot Delight

Those of you not lucky enough to grow up in a Christy household my not recognize this delicacy. It is called an “Apricot Delight”. The name, simple and accurate does not do it justice. It is a treasure that appears but once a year at Christmas time (if you have been good). It is […]