Geeeee Whiiiiiiz

About 10 years ago or so I used volunteer at our Elementary School, mostly I would read, sometimes I would do presentations with a computer and a projector and on special occasions I would do a “Gee Whiz” session.

This is when I would spout useless but interesting facts to the kids, after hearing […]

Sisters come to visit


  Phyllis and Michelle took time from their busy schedule to visit Mother Superior down here in Texas.  While here, they also blessed us with their presents (bagels).  They spent most of their time eating with a side trip to the nail salon as well as shopping where they picked up some bad habits.  […]

This just in

We just found out that Katie is also one of the top HS Jazz Bass players in the Lone Star State! In fact you could count all the kids who did better on one hand!Lets give it up in your best Kermit yell . . . .


ALL STATE – 2nd Year in a Row!


Our very own Katherine Allison has once again risen to the ranks of the best Bass (not the fish Keith) players in the great state of Texas for the second straight year!


This is continuing a trend started in elementary school (pictured right) where she was the best Bass player at Greenwood […]