Spicy Shredded Chicken

OK, at the risk of becoming a recipe blog, I am posting another one, this time in a response from Sarah who upon her latest pilgrimage home discovered my spicy shredded chili chicken and has asked for the recipe to inflict on unsuspecting Aggies I did a quick check of the internets and found that […]

and now back to our show

One of my offspring chided me about not having more visual evidence of our NW coast adventure. I attempted to create a really slick slideshow, I have very specific requirements – know what? It’s a huge undertaking and next to impossible in this fast moving blogosphere. Oh sure, i could crank one out in […]

More Bread

I was asked by a fried to share a recipe I use to make flatbread, I though you might like to know too.

I got this from my favorite recipe site

PREP TIME 20 Min COOK TIME 10 Min READY IN 3 Hrs Original recipe yield 8 small loaves


One Ring to Rule them All

Before I expand on Linda and my Lewis & Clark like expedition, I have more urgent news to report. It was Ring Day in Aggieland yesterday. This is the day the seniors who have completed 95 hrs by ordering deadline get to pick up their ultimate symbol of Aggie pride – their Aggie Ring.


Just Hanging Around

We have had an exciting week. We have been experiencing the Northwest coast (Oregon, Washington and British Columbia) More details to follow.