Another Milestone

One of our clan has has just past one of those signposts on the road of life. Flying down the highway you can see the big numbers from a long way off. That’s why they call it the big 2 – 1. At some point you turn around to see what you have learned […]

Fishing part deux

So now we have the basic fishing accouterments. It’s time to find the place. Of course, I do 99% of my research on the web. While looking for forums and web pages that talk about fishing around Galveston I was surprised how many web sites were dead. They were still there but have not been […]

Our Latest hobby

Fishing. Yes, you read that right – fishing. As some of you know, I like and don’t like fish. This ambiguity has been passed down to my children and clouded my wife’s perspective as well. Several time over the past few years I have considered taking up fishing. Why you ask? Good question. Clearly […]