If you don’t live in Texas, you don’t know Mums. This is another case were everything is bigger in Texas. These are worn for Homecoming by the girls


These will make you the envy of your friends

These things are “built” by Mum experts, it is a cottage industry. Although the details are hidden from dads it is rumored that these masterpieces can set you back in the 3 figures range.

The size and level of detail are how these are measured. Every one is custom and usually has little details that […]

Saddled up and ready to go

There are rules on Mums. Sarah is a senor so hers is white, it also must be the biggest. The rest of the school wears the school colors green and gold.

You can’t tell from this picture but Sarah’s mum actually lights up. Embedded in her artwork are no less than 6 AA […]

20 YEARS !!!

Today is our anniversary, we have been married for 20 years today. That does not count the 8 years we were together before going to the church


Don Adams

My old friend Maxwell Smart died yesterday, he was 82. I remember watching Get Smart every week when it came out. 99 wasn’t bad either. His most famous line . . .” missed it by that much”.

He also did the voices of several cartoon characters.

I see him going through all those doors opening […]

No school

. . . Monday and Tuesday. They are trying to stagger the return off of the people who evacuated and many still don’t have power. So the kids are off a total for 4 days for this storm. They are talking about not having to make these days up. We will see. Most stores should […]

Even luckier than we thought

As it turns out, the power loss is much bigger than initially thought. Most of our friends (other than the ones that live in our neighborhood do not have power. In fact at least half of our subdivision does not have power. We really caught a break this time.

Just lots of leaves, pine needles and small


The worst has past. In general Houston got off easy. We have the usual power outages downed trees and broken windows but nothing major. We are officially in the cleanup phase. In a couple of minutes I will post an “after” photo of our house.

12:00 AM and all is well

So far we have only gotten a little rain and some big gusts of wind but nothing serious. As you can see we still have power (and internet)