Mike Rowe

Does that name sound familiar? Yep, he’s the guy from “Dirty Jobs”. We happen to be Mike Rowe fans. We got a super dose of Mike a while back when we were on vacation traveling the west. He seems like a good guy and he is funny. Did you know he used to be an […]

The Darjeeling Limited

yes, I have been a major slacker when I comes to updating in April. Perhaps it all those showers or somehow Spring related. I thought I might mention a movie we recently saw. It’s not the best or the worst but did rank high on the interesting scale. I will warn you, it’s not […]

The Latest Mean Green

The soul searching is over. The pros and cons have been weighed. Deposits have been sent in and we have received “the final answer” The University of North Texas has scored a huge victory in successfully recruiting our very own Katherine Allison.

It wasn’t an easy choice. Scholarships were offered, programs were evaluated and teachers […]

Do you need to be Hacked?

hack – verb, to hack – to modify from it’s original state to improve functionally. In the early days of computers hacking was something done by nefarious denizens of the geek underground, usually to allow access to something that was not paid for.

Now, “hacking something” has less negative connotations. There is […]