I am (probably) going to do you a favor

Several years ago, I posted about a new “service” called Twitter.  At the time, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  In my never-ending study of technology and snarky opinions, I have come to this conclusion: It is something to make boring people feel closer to people who are “special” and for people who […]

The Lying Down Game

Wanna play?  Join “players” from around the world in the latest performance art/game.  This is how you play;

find an interesting play where you can stretch out (mostly) horizontally stretch out, face down, arms by your side, the more conspicuous the better – hold it have a friend capture the moment upload your your creation […]

Maybe you should dig out that camera of yours

Here is an over simplified explanation of HDR: Imagine that the full range of color and intensity in the world goes from 0 – 100. Our eyes see most of it but not all of it, maybe values 20-85. A photograph (and print or display on a computer) is less than that, for arguments sake, lets say between 35-60. This is one of the reasons a photo can’t fully express a sunset or light streaming through a stained glass window, we see the values between 20-85 (and feel even more than that) but the photo we take only shows the middle 35-60 colors and intensities. An HDR photo turns up the colors and intensities (light and dark) to 11. It artificially boosts the photo. If done poorly the photo just looks overblown and garish, if done well it can actually come closer to the “real” feeling you had when you saw it in person. Of course, first you have to be a good photographer then you have to become an HDR […]


Taking one thing and making it into another. Here are some of the more creative examples, most are fairly obvious but the back ones were once vinyl record albums in their first life. Creativity is a good thing. This collection almost sums up our family – food – music – clocks and purses


Democratic cats

The votes are counted. A number of politicians and their supporters are in shock. Liberals are licking their wounds. But what about the cats? Yes cats. Just as the Elephant is the symbol of the Republican party, dogs are the preferred pet of conservatives. The Donkey is the symbol of the Democratic party as cats […]