It’s only Rock n Roll but


Sarah had been invited by a friend to hang out in their box seats for this concert. The rest of us were AOL. Katie gave Sarah some money and asked her to get her a Areosmith tee shirt.

Then, my manager at work had bought the tickets to take his […]

Sarah and her friends

This past week the school had a breakfast to honor the top 10 percent of the graduating senior class. Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude, she was #33 out of 789. Sarah has been friends with most of these girls since first grade. In fact, 4 of the 7 girls in this picture were in Sarah’s […]

Do you know this cutie pie?

The paparazzi caught her putting together her latest ensemble.

That little button nose looks familiar . . .


This was a big NCL weekend. Linda and Sarah have been participating for 6 years, Katie has been involved for 4 years. This weekend was Senior Presentation, quite the event. Think Texas debutante ball and cotillion. If you click on the little picture at the top the web site will give you more details on […]

We are talking extra fancy

Sarah is 5th from the left on the bottom row

She looked very pretty

Friends and Family

Our family from Florida few in to be with us. This is Patty (Linda’s sister) on the right and Emily Patty’s daughter on the left. Patty’s oldest daughter Leanne also came in for the event but hid behind the centerpiece for this picture. Our good friends Stuart and Jannis also joined us. Stuart is […]

No more stress

Each girl had an “escort” who had various duties including flinging the girls around the dance floor

At times the dance floor was transformed into an impromptu mosh pit with the participants screaming out what sounded like an African dialect all in unison . . . Something about . . . dinner rollsNo alcohol […]