Cool Christmas Presents #3

Continuing on the theme of enjoyable (electronic) Christmas gives, may I present the “iLive Home Music System with Built-in Subwoofer & Dock for iPod“

Yes it’s a mouthfull but also an earfull. It’s really heavy and shiny, both good things for things that play music. It has real ooomph.

It […]

Cool Christmas Presents #2

Another popular gift was the Crosley Rochester. Katie wanted something she could play classic Jazz records on. What could be better than a circa 1940s replica record player?

It also plays cassette tapes and CDs, it even has a jack to plug in your iPod for those staunchly planted in the digital age.

I […]

Cool Christmas Presents

Here is one of our cool Christmas presents this year. It’s a little dohicky that you clip to your visor in your car and it acts as a speaker phone for your cell phone using bluetooth.

It’s not very big, has a pretty good built in speaker and can connect with your phone anywhere […]

Merry Christmas to all


We opened our gift early

We are back from our Christmas gift to ourselves. We went to Disney World for a week and lived to tell about it. We took a few pictures which you can see below. We walked 87 miles, did a lot of eating, and stood in line for 6 hours and 49 minutes. But our trip […]

Try Something New

This blog lives on our domain – and the software I use is Blogger from Google. Google has been adding features to Blogger but since I host my own site instead of using Google’s free site the features won’t work on my blog (whats up with that?). So I created one on their site. […]

This year – Something Different

This gem was taken in 2000. As you can tell, all my girls were up on the latest fashion trends. I believe this was the Land-Scuba look, it’s too bad you can’t see the shoes. They were flipper shaped and bright yellow.

Wait a minute . . . . that was a different picture


It’s That Time of the Year !

That’s right, contracts almost up, time to get a new cell phones. Since Linda and I are almost the same person, of course we need the same phone. Also, if I figure out all the bells and whistles, I can flatten out the learning curve for my better half. This time we went with […]