Do you remember Pogo Sticks?

Back when TV only had 6 channels and kids didn’t do anything virtually except homework there was a cool toy called a Pogo Stick. It was T shaped

, had handlebars, a tube with a spring and 2 foot pedals. You bounced on it. The first bounce […]

French landmark launches bolt of lightning into the sky

As reported by the French media: To demonstrate to the word that it is more than just bread and fries, the French government organized the “shock and awwwww” flash mob.  600 Parisians dressed in tight silk black pants 3 inches too short,  black and white stripped nylon shirts and silly little hats were deployed on […]

Fish Fetching Turtle

The past weekend Linda and I went fishing in Galveston Bay. We went early and it was a nice day, not too much wind. At one of our spots we saw something breaking the surface of the water, then disappear, then pop up again. As it got closer we could see it was a sea […]