French landmark launches bolt of lightning into the sky

imageAs reported by the French media: To demonstrate to the word that it is more than just bread and fries, the French government organized the “shock and awwwww” flash mob.  600 Parisians dressed in tight silk black pants 3 inches too short,  black and white stripped nylon shirts and silly little hats were deployed on the 3 levels of the monument.  When the first command was given they all started  gyrating and spinning (to the left of course) faster and faster to the throbbing beat of Celine Dion.  At the height of the revelry the second command was given and 3 cats were released, one on each level.  They were irresistible . . . contact was made . . . shock and awwww ensued.

Not everyone was impressed.  With cigarettes drooping from the corners of their mouths several cafe goers complained about the lack of culture in America, their grueling 27 hr work week and the smell of burnt berets and fur.

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