Great Program!

Leme tell you about a really really good photo application/site – it’s by Google and it’s called Picasa. I tried it some time ago and thought it was OK but now (version 2) I think it’s great. It does a fabulous job retouching your photos, makes it super easy to upload them to their site, then you can so slide shows, web albums, order prints and so on. All these things have been done before but not this easy and effectively.
Here is a slide show I just did to make my point. These are pictures from the Houston Art Car parade. We have it once a year in the spring and it’s the largest in the country. There are 126 pictures in this album. I went through each on in Picasa made little adjustments in color and exposure if they needed it and uploaded them to the web site. Then I copied the URL into this post and what you see below is the result and this whole activity (including uploading 126 pictures) took less than 15 minutes. I have a couple of orchestra web albums out there as will if you are interested.

If it goes to fast, just click on it and you can pause, go back or manually step through the pictures.

(RIP Picasa)

Google is a great thing. (this blog is part of google)

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