I like accessories as much as the next guy

. . . but things seem to be getting a little out of hand with this whole “iPod” thing. My favorite store these days is Fry’s. For those of you not from around here, Fry’s is a GIANT electronics store that pretty much sells anything that runs on electricity. They are mostly in California and Texas. Fry’s buys more advertising in our local newspaper that most car dealerships. Every Friday they have a 8 page insert full of the latest hardware, components and . . . . accessories.

Much to my surprise in the most recent issue was this modern marvel of personal music devices – The Toilet Paper/iPod holder. That’s right, when you absolutely can’t separate from your iPod and your headphones won’t reach your pockets (because they are around your ankles) you need the Toilet Paper / iPod holder. How would you like to be the Marketing person on this account? For only $100 you too can . . . . . . .

What song do you think they are playing in the product demos?

5 comments to I like accessories as much as the next guy

  • Stu

    Might make sense with the Video iPOD 🙂

  • Stuart, you have 3 other devices that don’t hold toilet paper that you could use to watch video while upon your throne. There is no excuse for the 2-ply pod

  • Linda

    Don’t let Sarah see this or it will be on the Christmas list for sure!

  • It’s on the – she will never know . . . .

    unless one of her friends tells her

  • Stu

    Hey now, I resemble that remark 🙂 I’ve been playing with my Zen Vison W, it’s nice. Yes, I also have the PSP, and of course a host of Pocket PC devices including one that can display 640 x 480. But you’re right, none of them have a toilet paper holder dock accessory. I actually have to hold them in my hand. It’s a two step process when it comes time to… well you get the idea.