One last thing . . .

As you may already know, I am a big believer in location based information. For example it’s one thing to tell you we bought some sourdough at Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s another to show you where at Fisherman’s Wharf is down to the building the store was in. Too much information? Maybe, but I find it fascinating. Click on this link to see a simple map I created in Google Maps.

Vacation Map

You can zoom in and out and if you click “Hybrid” or “Satellite” you can see cars on the street . . . and the building where we bought bread. I also outlined (more or less) the exact routes we took and embedded a few pictures along the way right at the spot where they were taken. Click on the little icons. You can also click on the description on the left and it will jump to that place on the map. Check it out and see if you still think it’s too much information.

4 comments to One last thing . . .

  • Stu

    OK, the map and especially the pictures are really cool. I’ll have to find out how you did that. It would be cool to do the same thing for our Gatlinburg trip.

  • it was easy, just go to google maps and click on the “my maps” tab, use the tools to draw the lines or push pin markers, you can embed the photos in the HTML section or upload them

  • Stu

    Hey, I just stumbled onto this. I know you like Picasa. I use it as well and I post photo albums to the Picasa Web site. I learned this evening that you can make an album, then just drag and drop the photos on a google map.

  • Yes, I looked at that, and gave it a try. I decided I liked the method on this post a little better because of the icons and the ability to add text. But the photo dragging was easier