Apricot Delight

Those of you not lucky enough to grow up in a Christy household my not recognize this delicacy. It is called an “Apricot Delight”. The name, simple and accurate does not do it justice. It is a treasure that appears but once a year at Christmas time (if you have been good). It is comprised of cooked apricots swaddled in a delicate and flaky crust. Try as I may, I can not convey the gestalt that is the Apricot Delight. I can tell you that those under its spell have been known to scheme, horde and even steal to satisfy their addiction. I could tell your stories. After some quick Googeling I discovered that the Apricot Delight is a direct descendant of “Turkish Delight” – I should have known. This year Linda translated the ancient tome and produced the sacred cookie.

But . . . there all gone now! Nothing to see here. Go about your business

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