Christmas letter

This year we put together a Christmas letter. We have all gotten them and many of us have sent them so the pressure is on to not be boring. I used a super secret Microsoft template to build the letter (I’ve seen 2 letters from friends who also knew of the super secret template) We took our best shot but it seems some of you escaped having to read it. We didn’t send it out until Christmas day and we forgot to fill in the subject line on the email, so most of them ended up in the bottomless bit-bucket with the rest of the spam never to be seen again.

You are not going to get off that easily. Posted here (below) for your torcher and amusement (no, I didn’t forget to fill some things in, it was an attempt at humor) is our 2006 letter.

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6 comments to Christmas letter

  • frannie

    Hi everyone-this is my second attempt to publish my comment,
    I don’t know where the first one went.
    Happy New Year to all!!!
    Well, here I go AGAIN –
    Linda and Patty- sorry to say that Chicago won’t work this in April.
    In May, Bruce and I will be taking another cross country train trip and I will be using ALL (+)of my vacation time.
    BUT, for the following (fiscal)year maybe that great vacation planner,BOB,can set up a family reunion. And if he wouldn’t mind I definetley think Stu and family should be included.(Stu, we are weird, but you’ve probably

    (Patty, HI!!!!!!)

  • frannie

    (end of Stu sentence)
    …already figured that out!

  • Stu

    Well, I would love to come on vacation with you, but amazingly, in the (get this) 18+ years I’ve know Bob and Linda (even before their kids were born – and after Bob was the best Man in my wedding), they have never invited me to vacation with them 🙁

    Bob and I did share a room at the Holiday Inn for a week once, but that’s a whole other story.

  • Frannie, I didn’t know you had fiscal years, are they like dog years? When do you have them? Perhaps we could all meet over Thanksgiving, in North Carolina in a beach house, with Colonel Mustard, with a candle stick . . .

    . . . and now you invited Stu to one of our vacations, well you better have a lot of Champaign and lamp shades, that’s all I have to say about that.

  • frannie

    hi again- this time I’m wearing my glasses (I couln’t find them before) so I can actually see what
    I’m doing!!
    Is this perhaps a sign of AGE? Please don’t answer that.
    OH, maybe that is what was meant with the DOG YEARS comment.

    Fiscal = 7/1 to 6/30. So, starting July 1 I get an all new set of weeks! Sometimes they even give a bonus of champagne and lamp shades too, so we’ll be ready!

  • Stu

    Oh, now that’s just wrong.