Today we got a new air conditioner. Our old one had served us well. It was in place before we bought the house and 15 yrs later it was still keeping us cool, although we were not sure for how much longer. About 6 years ago it started making some noises that sounded more like a trash compacter than an air conditioner. We called in a specialist. He said some internal parts of the compressor were coming apart and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. It might last another week, month or even a year. That was 6 years ago.

Like it’s predecessor, the new model stands proudly on the side of our house, it’s broad shoulders proclaiming to everyone this is no ordinary cooler. Men look at it with envy. I can not overstate how important an air conditioner is in Houston. It is on the same level as a fireplace in Manitoba or a well in the Sahara. At certain times of the year without air conditioning your life expectancy would be that of an astronaut in space without a space suit. This is serious stuff.

If you wish to see this marvel of modern technology merely say so in a comment and I will post a pic.

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