Mawage – a Dweem wifin a Dweem

kw5Well something happened that was big enough to wake this blog from it’s slumber. Believe it or not, our youngest daughter just became someone’s wife. That “someone” is Sam Nicholson, so we now have a matched set – Katie and Sam Nicholson.

We had a relatively small wedding in Dallas with family and a few close friends. It was held at the Texas Ale project on October 22. It was an indoor/outdoor affair and the weather couldn’t have been better. I think it turned out really well.

kw1Of course life wouldn’t be very interesting if everything always turned out just the way we planned it. So, in between the divine bridal luncheon hosted by the lovely and talented Sarah Carter and the all-hands rehearsal dinner gathering at Cana Rosso put on by Sam’s parents, a little toxic confetti must fall. Whilst out running errands, Sam and his amigos ran into this event’s #1 wedding crasher – literally.

A small distracted driver decided to test the laws of traffic and physics as she turned her lith Audi TT into Sam’s oncoming amigo filled SUV. Katie get’s the call, “Sam has been in an accident” and off we go. Turnskw6 out everyone is OK except for being pummeled by airbags. The vehicles are not so lucky, it appears both may be totaled.

kw7Once perspectives and priorities were reset the betrothed posed for a picture to mark the occasion, post to social media and ward off future misfortune. Talk quickly turned to how cool their sign was, airbag retribution and the quantity of pizza and beer that would consumed later that evening.

We went to Dallas on Thursday and came back on Sunday. Rather than staying in a hotel we rented a house a few blocks for Sam and Katie’s apartment. This was a good move. It was a very nice 3 story kw8townhouse that was stylish and well appointed if a bit tempature challenged. This became the meeting place, all our families came at some point to hang out with us between events. Even one of the hotels where people were staying was within walking distance. Pro tip – when you have the option, go for the house.

kw9The wedding itself was a complete success. Family, friends, BBQ, beer and great weather what’s not to like? I have to give a special shoutout to Sam for his personally curated wedding playlist. The whole evening’s music was scheduled and laid out. Good songs and good job! Patty and her girls were a huge help and did some great things for Katie, thank you. I also want to thank our very good friends Pam kw3and Thom, Mark and Debbie, Darlene and Tom and Teresa for traveling to Dallas to celebrate with us.kw2

As you ramble through life, whatever be your goal;
Keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole.kw4

4 comments to Mawage – a Dweem wifin a Dweem

  • sarahcakes

    Temperature challenged is a nice way of saying that. It was a great wedding that was perfectly Katie and Sam!

  • theChristys

    You were a huge contributor to the success of the event saracakes. Thank you

  • Thom

    It was a huge success, and if you had not told us about Sam’s accident we would never have known. If Sam was hurting from it, he never let it show. Of course having the wedding at a clinic with free-flowing medicine helped.

  • theChristys

    Thanks for sharing it with us. You guys were the life of the dance floor, seriously represen’en us “more experienced” party goes