Part 8

I had decided to go with Marvs. The Ford guy said they were a good outfit and they have done quite a bit of business with them. Also when I had asked Ray if Katie and I could get a ride into town in the tow truck, he didn’t sound too sure but said “I guess”. The Marvs guy said “sure”. I use the next 15 min or so trying to impart some of life’s lessons pertaining to tow trucks and other “opportunistic” professions to Katie. I actually said to Katie as we left breakfast this morning that we were going to have an adventure today. We are cranking out the memories.

I am pacing around the front door. I imagine Ray’s boys grabbing my truck and running off with it. A tow truck pulls into the parking lot, it’s Ray’s boys. In my best apologetic but firm voice I tell them I won’t need them. The driver seems OK but the other guy with him is not happy and grills me on the details. Eventually they give me their card and tell me to call them if the other guy can’t make it through the canyon or doesn’t show up, maybe they can help me maybe not.

Back in the school, there has been a steady stream of kids and adults leaving. We give our story to various people who wonder what we are doing hanging out here so long. This is a SMALL school. If you look at the picture in our last post – click on it. You will see a picture on the wall of the entire faculty, middle school plus high school. I think the PE staff at Katie’s high school has more people. Another tow truck pulls into the parking lot, it’s Marvs this time. As I walk out I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

I introduce myself and explain our situation. The man in the truck has the requisite dirty overalls, wild hair and big boots. His name is Ed and he has a few surprises. The first one is a pair of sideburns that could hide small woodland creatures. The second which is no less surprising, is a speaking voice that is very literate with a slight Boston accent. He has little round professor glasses and he seems like a nice guy. He also seems like he knows what he is doing. I explain our situation and he gets to work.

Katie and I climb into the cab and bid Nederland Middle High School goodbye. I start a friendly conversation he responds in kind. Turns out he has a college degree from Boston U. has lived many places around the country, is a writer and was lured to Colorado from New Orleans just before the hurricane by his girlfriend who is going to school at Colorado Univ. Katie chimes in and asks about Jazz in New Orleans. They hit it off. Most of the 45 min ride is consumed with discussions about Miles Davis, local Jazz clubs and the possibility of mutual acquaintances. So much for my instructive on tow truck drivers.

As we come down the canyon the snow and ice dissipate. Ray’s boys were just trying to scare us. We arrive at the Ford dealer just before they close and I explain my situation. He tells us they can look at it tomorrow and they can give us a ride back to our hotel in the courtesy van. About 12 hrs after we walked out of our hotel room we walked back in. Yes, we had an adventure and there is always tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the happy ending (I hope)
    You are a riot!! I think the sideburns part was my favorite.

    P.S.-It seems EVERYONE calls me Frannie but I refer to myself as Fran.
    I just never realized it before.

  • So nice of you to say so miss Fran, I appreciate your patronage how is Master Bruce?