Sometimes you get more than you deserve

I’m sure some of you may find that hard to believe.  You will just have to take my word for it, although I can offer a bit of proof.  The rest of you know this is true and are lying in wait for your next serendipitous windfall.

For the past few years I have been pursuing a new career (although some would call it a 2nd childhood) involving education, coding, robotics and various electronics.  As part of this metamorphosis I have usurped the family dining room cum work from home office and have slowly turned it into a nerd-man-cave.  There are multiple computers, monitors, notebooks, test equipment, 3D printer, 17 different kinds of cardboard, vinyl cutter, soldering irons, robots and several storage systems filled to the brim with . . . umm . . . very crucial and totally important thingamabobs mostly from China.

You may not know this, but there are a few individuals who actually don’t appreciate these monuments to tinkering, these magnificent maker spaces!

Well, in our house, we don’t have any of those people.  Recently my lovely bride bought me some hardware and convinced my daughter and her husband to pick it up and bring it to the house.  This was no small feat because it weighs 350 lbs.  It is a high end bright red rolling tool chest (Milwaukee 52″ Mobile Workstation)  with a nicely finished 1.25 inch solid wood top and drawers that will hold a 100 lbs each.  On top of that

, I was allowed encouraged to put it in my nerd cave, and we think it looks great.  Eat your heart out normal husbands/fathers.

The new addition has really upgraded my space.  My stuff is better organized and way easier to get out and put away.  Another benefit is that it gives me a stand-up space to work The former tool chest is now a robot building station.  I’m still working on a few upgrades and deciding what gets to go in the few remaining empty drawers.  Thank you family.


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