Our travels part 5

We climb back into our car and prepare for the long twisty ride back. Not so fast. We have the same problem we did earlier in the morning. The car will start but then it dies After 5 min or so of trying to keep it running matters get worse. It won’t even start now, just the dreaded “click click click”. We decide to wait to see if it will recover. The wind is blowing hard and the snow is really coming down.

15 min later I give up trying to revive the car on my own, I need a jump. I go in search of a good Samaritan. I end up in the Human Resources office of Eldora (the mountian), they say they will send someone to help us. 15 min later he shows up in his big white pickup and gives me a jump.

The car is running but it will die if I take my foot off the gas. The maintenance man tells me to keep it on until it warms up. Just then all the gauges in the car die. The car is still running. I tell the guy – his response – “I didn’t do it”. I ask if it is OK to drive, he says yes but you should probably take it to a mechanic. OK, I need to get out of here, things are getting worse by the minute. I decide to make my move.

It’s tricky to back out of a parking space and maneuver around the other cars without letting off the gas. I finally make it to the open end of the parking lot, it hasn’t stalled yet. We pass 2 guys trying to push their Mustang out of the ice and snow. We clear the parking lot and are in a line of cars going down the twisty mountain road, we are all going slow, it’s slippery. The realization hits me that I can’t keep my foot on the gas, it’s all down hill.

2 comments to Our travels part 5

  • Stu

    You just leave us hanging here!!! Well lucky for me, I know how this story ends…but I’m not telling. I suppose it’s safe to say you made it back to Houston at least in good enough shape to make this post 🙂

  • Don’t be too sure. You havn’t seen the Expedition since we have been back. . .