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I have gained much useful knowledge from watching YouTube videos.  Most of the time it’s from people just trying to help other people out like the guy that showed me (and a few thousand others) how to fix the broken latch on my refrigerator.  Sometimes it’s from people who make their living from YouTube, much of that content could be called “edutainment”.  I stop by most days to see what’s new.

I have tried my hand at a few videos, partially to see how it all works, a little bit to see how they are received and of course I want to help someone out like I had so often been helped out.  Today I uploaded another one, it’s nothing special but it’s on an interesting little gadget.  I had to add a reason to my list of why I do videos – pressure and guilt.  Pretty much every week I get an email that someone has subscribed to my YouTube channel.  Whenever I get one of those emails I first thing I think is “wow that’s cool they must like my stuff”

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, the next thing is “another person is waiting for the next video”

I uploaded my first video in 2006 a year after YouTube started, there have been maybe 5 since then.  Obviously building a following and growing a channel was never my plan.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have throngs of people interested in power cables or shelf lighting or anything like that.  But if 100 people have said “when this guys puts out another video I want to know about it”, well, I picture them checking YouTube everyday (like I do) looking down their list of subscribed channels and seeing once again

, that slacker’s got nothing!  The shame, the shame . . .

So here is a video of a pencil that can make annoying sounds but please don’t subscribe

, I can’t take the pressure.

YouTube video

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