Look at my Lizard Fish!

You’ve heard that thing about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?  Turns out that theory works in a lot of different situations.

Perhaps I can use fishing to build an analogy.  I go out on my kayak trying to catch a big snook or maybe a redfish, might as well haul in a few nice trout while I’m at it.  I go to my first spot, perfect for angling in one of my target species.  My casts are a little rusty and I might not be using the right bait.  Bam! I put a little too much mustard on a cast and hook a mangrove.  Now I have to paddle in and scare away any fish that might have been there and wrestle with a giant bush to get my lure back.

Time to go to a new spot.  My casts are getting better but I’m not even getting a nibble.  I either picked a spot with no fish or am not doing it right.  This is how the whole morning goes.  With the exception of one ugly lizard fish, I come up empty.

When I return my wife asks me how it went.  There are a couple of ways we can go here, there was a time when I might have said it was a lousy trip and it would be easy to make a case for calling it a failure.  It’s all a matter of  perspective.  Instead, with complete honesty I tell her I had a really good  trip.  It was a beautiful day, I got to go kayak fishing!, the mangroves are my favorite place to fish and I even caught this fish I hardly ever catch – look at my lizard fish!

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