Wait, is that a . . . .

Launching your kayak from the beach to go fishing (often referred to as BTB or beyond the breakers) is not a simple task.  Everyone thinks about the waves trying to flip you over, all that equipment sticking out weighing you down and threatening to become a beachside yard sale but one huge but often overlooked challenge is just getting to the waters edge.

Yesterday I set out on a scouting mission to see if I could find a little beach park with relatively easy access for a kayak.  I also though I might do some fishing along the beach while I was at it.  While at the first spot I noticed some kayak fisherman down the beach a half a mile or so.  Perhaps there was good access there or at least good fishing.  Off I went to the next spot.

It was a fairly large and organized parking lot but the strange thing was most of the cars were tiny subcompacts, not the usual pickup trucks that kayakers favor.  I trudged up the soft sandy path over the dune – so much for the easy access.  As I crested the dune I saw there were pretty many people there which made sense with all the cars in the parking lot.  I strained to see over/past the tents and umbrellas to find my fellow plastic boat anglers.  I saw none.  Hmmm.  I noticed a couple of people looking at me.  The people noises I heard had a foreign sound.  Most of the beach goers were older and my guess was that they were from Europe.  Still, not a single kayak or even fisherman for that matter.  But wait . . . . is that a . . . . a boob?  Why, yes, yes I am pretty sure it is.  First thought – hmmm, perhaps she is getting changed . . .

I looked over at one of those people who were watching me,  she was in her 65 year old birthday suit.  Turns out, I was the oddball.  Remember when I said I was fishing?  When I go fishing I wear a giant straw hat, sunglasses, a gator around my neck, long sleeve shirt, gloves, long pants and boots.  Here I am standing in my UV armor nary an inch of skin showing at a nude beach.  The cognitive dissonance was palpable.  I turned 180 degrees and slogged back up the dune sure I was being gawked at, eyes probing my SPF 50 outfit.

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